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As the United States Postal Service considers layoffs and service cuts, 'Eight Forty-Eight' examines the future of mail service.

Sep. 21, 2011

As the United States Postal Service contemplates layoffs and service cuts, Mack Julion, president of Branch 11, and Mark Reynolds, Chicago District spokesperson for USPS, join Eight Forty-Eight to discuss what may be ahead for postal service in the area. And a new exhibit at the Cambodian Association of Illinois uses artifacts and oral histories from Cambodians now living in Illinois who survived the Khmer Rouge; two survivors share their story. Then, as the number of foreclosed homes continues to rise, Eight Forty-Eight considers the true costs of maintaining those houses and searches for a way out of the crisis with University of Illinois at Chicago professor Evan McKenzie. And, one of the country’s oldest outdoor murals is on Chicago’s Northwest Side. Restoration on the mural has some Puerto Ricans in the neighborhood talking about their heritage; WBEZ's Chip Mitchell reports. And finally, Chicago State University professor Sarah Buck and Harper High School physical education department chair Gwyn Kram join Eight Forty-Eight to talk about the cognitive and physical benefits of physical education.