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As 'The Onion' contemplates a move back to Chicago, 'Eight Forty-Eight' takes a look at what the move would mean.

Sep. 26, 2011

President Obama recently announced plans to allow states to apply for exemption from parts of No Child Left Behind; Illinois State Board of Education spokeswoman Mary Fergus joins the show to discuss what this might mean for Illinois. And, The Onion recently said it wants to move its editorial staff from New York to Chicago. David Greising joins Eight Forty-Eight to discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages to doing business in Chicago. And, Larry Klairmont has amassed a collection of over 350 classic automobiles. He takes Eight Forty-Eight on a tour of his Imperial Auto Collection, where visitors can see the collection on display--for free! Then, sports reporter Cheryl Raye-Stout recaps Sunday’s Bears-Packers game and shares the latest news on the NBA lockout. And Eight Forty-Eight talk with Bryan Ballinger, author of Kooky Cookery, an archive of irregular recipes from yesteryear.