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Aqua tower on North Columbus Drive is the brainchild of Chicago architect and 2011 MacArthur Fellow, Jeanne Gang.

Sep. 20, 2011

Chicago architect and newly-minted genius Jeanne Gang talks about being one of 22 people to receive a 2011 MacArthur fellowship. Then, Eight Forty-Eight's Jason Marck looks back at the life of bluesman Willie '"Big Eyes" Smith. Then, Front and Center’s Cecilia Vaisman checks in from Water Summit V: Achieving Harmony with Water in Milwaukee; the conference aims to unite energy, the environment and economic development. And, the son of one of Mexico’s biggest drug lords awaits trial at the Metropolitan Correctional Center for allegedly overseeing drug trafficking into Chicago; Eight Forty-Eight explores the city's links to Mexico's bloody drug war with Latino-issuces columnist Alejandro Escalona. And Marquell Smith was discharged from the Marines after his commanding officer suspected he was gay. Smith joins Eight Forty-Eight to talk about what the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell” means for gay service members and his battle to be reinstated.