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(AP/Muzaffar Salman)
A man shows his inked finger after voting yesterday in Damascus. Syria's opposition does not consider the vote legitimate.

Dec. 13, 2011

In Syria, it’s the second day of a massive general strike that's designed to further cripple President Assad’s regime. Worldview has a rare conversation with one of the strike’s organizers, Osama Nassar, who's currently in hiding. Also, as many as 6,000 bodies are believed to be buried in unmarked graves in Indian-controlled Kashmir. Who are these people and what happened to them? For the BBC’s Assignment, Jill McGivering reports on the human cost of the decades-long conflict in Kashmir. And, a new Internet filter is now in effect across Turkey.  Tens of thousands of Turks have held protests across the country under the motto "Hands off my Internet!” Although Turkish officials have called the filter "voluntary," fears persist that it could lead the way toward even more restrictive Internet policies. Matthew Brunwasser reports from Istanbul.