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(AP/Amr Nabil)
In Cairo, Christians protest military rule a day after a deadly confrontation between Christians, Muslims and security forces.

Oct. 12, 2011

This Sunday, confrontations between Coptic Christians and armed forces left 25 dead in Egypt. We speak to CAIR-Chicago’s Ahmed Rehab, who just returned from Egypt, about the country’s presidential election, military rule, and evolving sectarian tensions. Then, we speak to the writers of a new expose in Bloomberg about Koch Industries, one of the world's largest privately held companies. The report maintains Koch Industries bribed government officials around the world – including in Iran – to do business. And on Global Notes, many know Balkan musician Goran Bregovic for his raucous performances that regularly instigate massive dance parties. Goran tells Jerome and Radio M host Tony Sarabia what to expect when he performs at Symphony Center this Friday.