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(AP/Michael Sohn)
Seen as a model of economic leadership in the EU, German Chancellor Angela Merkel speaks to Economy Minister Philipp Roesler.

Oct. 13, 2011

When the U.S. rode high on the housing bubble, economists wrote off Germany as the “sick man of Europe.” Now, Germans warn of labor shortages while the U.S struggles with a nine percent unemployment rate. We talk to Peter Hall, professor of European studies at Harvard University. He explains how Germany became the world’s second largest exporter and Europe’s biggest success story. And on Global Activism, we talk with WGN Reporter Randi Belisomo, who’s currently working with Living Water International (LWI). The group works in 25 countries, tackling issues like water sustainability, sanitation and hygiene. Randi recently joined LWI in Haiti to see the devastation left the 2010 earthquake and visit a well built in honor of her late husband, Chicago reporter Carlos Hernandez Gomez.