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(AP/Hossein Fatemi)
Afghanistan was recently named the world’s most dangerous country for women in a survey by the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

Oct. 25, 2011

Before 9/11, American journalist Masha Hamilton stumbled across a video of Taliban members brutally executing a woman in Afghanistan. The gruesome footage inspired her to create the Afghan Women’s Writing Project, which helps women in the war-ravaged country share their stories. Masha joins us to discuss the unlikely success of the project. Later, we take a look at a new adaptation of A Walk in the Woods, Lee Blessing’s 1988 play about Cold War adversaries who become friends while discussing nuclear disarmament. Originally written for two male characters, TimeLine Theatre Company’s production features actress Janet Ulrich Brooks as the Russian negotiator. And, global cities correspondent Barry Weisberg tells us how computers have changed the essential nature of cities around the world.