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(AP/Hasan Jamali)
In Miqsha, Bahrain, boys play near a banner of opposition leaders, most of whom are in jail for their role in the uprisings.

Oct. 04, 2011

Cherif Bassiouni, president emeritus of DePaul University’s International Human Rights Law Institute, has investigated humans rights violations in places like Yugoslavia, Rwanda and Libya. In June, he was asked to head a commission tasked with looking into the crackdown on Shiite protesters in Bahrain. Cherif discusses the report's credibility, which is funded by the government of Bahrain, and what he's learned thus far about the uprising. Later, we look to Lebanon, where most citizens have learned to cope with daily power outages. But a long term solution to Lebanon’s unreliable electricity problem may lie offshore, in the form of natural gas reserves off the country’s coast. The World Vision Report looks into what this could mean for the people of Lebanon.