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(Jillian Powers)
A girl gathers water at a basin in Mulot.

Nov. 18, 2010

Last month, 30 members of Congress signed a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton raising concerns about continuing human rights abuses in Honduras. They called for suspension of military and police aid. Padre Ismael “Melo” Moreno operates a radio station in Honduras. He tells us about the ongoing atrocities and human rights violations in his country.   Also, reporter Marlon Bishop brings us a story about one woman’s efforts to keep Afro-Panamanian traditions alive.  And on today’s Global Activism segment, we talk with Aliya de Grazia, a recent high school graduate who postponed college in order to volunteer in Kenya. Now she's decided to move to Kenya and she's started an organization that will help bring clean water to the village where she lived for six months.