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(AP/Shane McMillan)
Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has pledged to step down once the Italian Parliament passes austerity measures.

Nov. 10, 2011

In response to Italy’s financial woes, Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has promised to resign after parliament approves tough economic reforms. We get analysis from Harvard economist Alberto Alesina, who says the Eurozone can't afford an Italian bailout. And, ARZU, which means "hope" in Dari, is a model of social entrepreneurship that empowers destitute but highly skilled Afghan women by providing fair, artisan-based employment and access to education and healthcare. ARZU's founder joins us on Global Activism. Also, Africa’s Marange diamond fields were discovered in 2006 and possess some of the largest gem deposits in the world. We talk to Farai Maguwu, who was recently honored by Human Rights Watch for his efforts to stop government abuse and illegal diamond trafficking in eastern Zimbabwe.