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(AP/Mohammad Sajjad)
Pakistani soldiers attend a funeral for victims of Saturday's NATO attack in Peshawar.

Nov. 30, 2011

After a NATO attack that killed more than 20 Pakistani troops, the already-sour relationship between the U.S. and Pakistan got even worse. Vali Nasr, an international politics professor at Tufts University, explains the implications. Also, one strategy to put people back to work in the Great Lakes region gets a lot of attention — and lots of state and federal money. It’s something called a public-private partnership. Here, state agencies, community colleges and private companies work together to train workers of all ages and skills back into jobs. Jocelyn Frank travels to southern Michigan to capture the impact of one such program on one worker, one company, and one town. Lastly, Germany has one of Western Europe’s lowest youth unemployment rates. It also has robust vocational training for young people. Pepper Culpepper, editor of The German Skills Machine, tells Worldview how this educational model keeps Germans competitive.