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(AP/Petros Karadjias)
A Greek Cypriot boy sits in front of deserted hotels in the Turkish-occupied town of Famagusta, Cyprus.

Jan. 20, 2012

Turkey is threatening to cut off relations with the European Union if Cyprus takes over the rotating E.U. presidency, as planned later this year. The U.N. will bring together both Greek and Turkish Cypriot leaders this weekend to move negotiations forward. Chicagoan Endy Zemenides, executive director of the Hellenic American Leadership Council, tells Worldview what’s at stake. Also, the European Union just sanctioned the U.S. on the death penalty, passing legislation that limits our access to the drugs we use for executions. Worldview delves into this issue with Sandra Babcock, clinical director at the Center for International Human Rights at Northwestern Law School. She helped push for the E.U.’s recent legislation. And, film contributor Milos Stehlik reviews Wages of Fear, a film by master post-war French filmmaker Henri-Georges Clouzot.