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(Courtesy of James McCann)
The Ethiopian dish, tegabino shiro, is a sauce made from powerfully spiced legumes.

Dec. 12, 2011

Tens of thousands of people filled Moscow's streets on Saturday to protest last week's parliamentary elections, which were widely seen as fraudulent in favor Vladimir Putin's United Russia party. We examine the protest's repercussions. Also, many ingredients used in African cooking didn’t actually originate in Africa – even items like cassava, which we normally think of as traditionally “African.” Today, as part of our Food Mondays series, we talk with James McCann, author of Stirring the Post:  A History of African Cuisine. In his book, James uses African cooking as a lens to examine the continent’s multi-faceted social history and culture. And African immigrants tell us about the foods they miss most and how they attempt to recreate those dishes here in Chicago.