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(Courtesy of Jean Friedman-Rudovsky)
An estimated 100,000 child workers in Latin America are unionized.

Dec. 27, 2011

Today, Worldview presents installments from Ground Shifters: Stories of Women Changing Unseen Worlds, a series about women and girls in Bolivia and Ciudad Juárez, Mexico by Jean Friedman-Rudovsky. It is part of an ongoing collaboration between WBEZ and the Ellen Stone Belic Institute for the Study of Women & Gender in the Arts & Media. Close to 1,500 women in Ciudad Juárez have been disappeared in the last decade. Friedman-Rudovsky profiles Marisela Ortiz, an activist who’s spent years fighting for families of what's known as "femicide." And, Ground Shifters examines a women’s prison in La Paz, Bolivia that functions almost like a miniature city. It has shops, businesses, a school and even a union. Finally, Friedman-Rudovsky meets Ana, Brigida and Noemí, young girls in La Paz, Bolivia who are among the 100,000 unionized child workers in Latin America.