Worldview 12.29.11

December 29, 2011

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(Courtesy of Organic Health Response)
Organic Health Response offers Internet access, HIV testing and treatment to members of the Mfangano Island community.

Chicago lost a one-of-a-kind gay activist this summer when Ifti Nasim died at the age of 64. He left his native Pakistan more than 30 years ago to live an openly gay life. In Chicago, Ifti became an advocate for South Asia's gay community, which faces intense internal stigma. He also hosted a local radio show, founded an LGBT group South Asians and became the first person ever to publish a book of gay-themed poetry in Urdu. To honor his memory, Worldview revisits a conversation with Ifti from last year. Also, Mfangano Island on Kenya’s Lake Victoria has one of the highest rates of HIV in the world. On today's Global Activism, two brothers behind the organization Organic Health Response explain how they've harnessed 21st century tools to fight HIV/AIDS on Mfangano.