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(Getty Images/John Moore)
A rebel militiaman stands guard at an oil refinery in Al Brega, Libya.

Feb. 28, 2011

The international community is ramping up pressure on Libya’s Muammar Qaddafi. World leaders, including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, meet today in Geneva to discuss further action. We’ll continue our coverage of the ongoing crisis in Libya with Ali Ahmida, chair of the political science department at the University of New England and author of Forgotten Voices: Power and Agency in Colonial and Postcolonial Libya. Also, in 2009, civil war in Sri Lanka ended after 26 years. The final push by the majority Sinhalese army wiped out not only most of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, but thousands of innocent civilians as well. We’ll talk with New Yorker staff writer, Jon Lee Anderson, about his article "Death of the Tiger,” which offers a definitive account of what transpired.