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(Getty Images/Chris Jackson)
Oman's leader, Sultan Qaboos bin Said, has ruled Oman for four decades.

Mar. 02, 2011

Protests have erupted in the Persian Gulf state of Oman, an oasis of stability for decades. Though the uprisings triggered a crackdown from security forces that resulted in several fatalities, Oman’s leader, Sultan Qaboos bin Said, remains popular. We’ll discuss the situation with Middle East scholar Joe Kechichian, who is a regular visitor to the sultanate. And on Global Notes, Jerome and Radio M host Tony Sarabia chat with Libyan-American hip hop artist Khaled M about his music and Qaddafi’s defiant stand. Khaled lives in Chicago but grew up in Lexington, Kentucky, home to a Libyan-American community active in opposition politics.