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(Getty Images/Dan Kitwood)
Tens of thousands of guest workers in Libya have fled to Tunisia to escape the violence.

Apr. 04, 2011

Despite fading from the headlines, a lot has happened to the Tunisian people since their longtime leader Ben Ali left office. More than 50 political parties have registered to participate in the July elections. Libyans and guest workers have crossed the border in droves to escape violence. And Tunisian refugees are straining the Italian government. Harvard University’s Malika Zeghal updates us on the latest in the North African country. Also, Henriette Ekwe Ebongo is regarded as one of the most influential female journalists in Cameroon. She’s spent a lifetime advancing press freedom, human rights and gender equality. She recently received the 2011 International Women of Courage Award from the U.S. State Department. Ebongo discusses her life and work.