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(Getty Images/Spencer Platt)
Inside a bullet-riddled car, police in Juarez found yet another victim of the Mexican Drug War.

Apr. 06, 2011

Yesterday pro-government forces opened fire on demonstrators in Yemen’s capital, Sanaa. U.S. officials called the attacks “appalling." Clive Jones, chair of the University of Leeds’s Middle East Studies program, provides some analysis.  Also, Mexican lawmakers are livid over revelations that a U.S. law enforcement agency intentionally allows Mexican drug gangs to acquire weapons in order to track them as part of “Operation Fast and Furious.” Laura Carlsen, director of the Americas Program at the Center for International Policy, details the latest scandal. On Global Notes, the new album by British indie stalwarts Cornershop puts a contemporary spin on Punjabi folk. Jerome and Radio M host Tony Sarabia check out the band’s Cornershop and the Double-O Groove Of with Worldview producer and Cornershop fan Becky Vlamis.