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(Getty Images/John Moore)
Osama bin Laden's death has renewed debate over the use of "enhanced interrogation" techniques at Guantanamo Bay and elsewhere.

May. 06, 2011

The assassination of Osama bin Laden has renewed the debate about the use of torture. Enhanced interrogation techniques may have helped extract information from detainees that helped the U.S. discover bin Laden’s hideout. Scott Horton, a contributing editor at Harper’s magazine, has reported extensively on the war on terror. He shares his thoughts on Guantanamo, CIA prisons and the torture debate, in the post-bin Laden era. And Carlos Rodriguez, the director of TV Serrana, discusses the unique film school that trains campesino youth from the Sierra Maestra mountains of Cuba in video production.  We also talk with Alexandra Halkin, the founder of the Americas Media Initiative. Her group sponsored Carlos on his first trip to the United States.