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(Getty Images/Alex Wong)
Supporters of ousted President Manuel Zelaya gathered outside the OAS headquarters shortly after the July 2009 coup.

Jun. 02, 2011

Former president Manuel Zelaya returned to Honduras earlier this week, 23 months after a coup forced him into exile. His arrival comes as accusations of widespread repression -- including the alleged murder of teachers, farmers and journalists -- plague the government of current president Porfirio Lobo. Dana Frank, who writes about Honduras for The Nation, discusses the significance of Zelaya’s return. Also, the ninth annual Human Rights Watch Film Festival runs through June 9 at Facets Multimedia. Jobi Cates, the director of Human Rights Watch’s Chicago office, tells us about this year’s diverse roster. And on Global Activism we’ll talk with Katherine Darnstadt, the co-founder of the Chicago chapter of Architecture for Humanity.