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(Getty Images/Mario Tama)
Supporters of Yemeni anti-government protesters demonstrate in Brooklyn, New York

Jun. 07, 2011

The Caspian Sea region has lots of oil and natural gas. But weather, geography and politics make it devilishly difficult to get the resources to market. We’ll talk about the “great game” in the Caspian with Edward Chow, senior fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. And, four months of anti-government protests in Yemen have culminated in violent clashes between tribesmen and President Ali Abdullah Saleh's government, resulting in hundreds of deaths. Saleh flew to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia last week to treat burns covering 40 percent of his body after a blast struck the palace mosque during Friday prayers. Clive Jones, chair of Middle East studies at the University of Leeds, joins us to discuss Yemen's political future.