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(AP/Hussein Malla)
A pro-government protester holds up a picture of President Bashar al-Assad during a demonstration in Damascus.

Jul. 13, 2011

Two days after a pro-government mob attacked the U.S. embassy in Damascus, the Syrian government has bolstered security around the compound. Joshua Landis, author of the blog “Syria Comment” and director of the Center for Middle East Studies at the University of Oklahoma, joins us to talk about political unrest in Syria. Then, one year after floods engulfed Pakistan, many haris, or sharecroppers, must choose between remaining in refugee camps and returning to their severely damaged homes. We’ll speak with Christian Parenti, whose article “Pakistan One Year After the Floods” appears in the latest edition of The Nation. And on Global Notes, Jerome and Radio M host Tony Sarabia listen to the new album by Tareq Abboushi & Shusmo.