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(AP/Shaam News Network)
In the Edlib province of Syria, anti-government protesters hold a sign depicting Gadhafi telling Assad to "step back" in Arabic.

Sep. 07, 2011

As protests in Syria enter their sixth month and international support for President Assad dwindles, preparations for various transitional councils are underway. But competing interests have complicated the process of establishing a unified leadership. We speak with Chicagoan Mohyeddin Kassar, chairman of the Syrian American Society, about his efforts to broker a smooth transition to free elections in Syria. Also, terrorist attackers in New York, Mumbai and Oslo all shared a perspective: they saw their religion and way of life as under assault. We try to understand how such ideologies emerge as Worldview begins its retrospective and proactive look at 9/11 with Michael Sells from the University of Chicago. And on Global Notes, Jerome and Radio M host Tony Sarabia listen to the new album Tande-La from The Creole Choir of Cuba.