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(Photo by Jean Friedman-Rudovsky)
Narda Baqueros is the co-founder of the rights group Organization of Bolivian Amazonian Women.

Sep. 12, 2011

Today, we kick off a weeklong series called Ground Shifters, which features the lives of women and girls making a difference in Bolivia and Ciudad Juárez, Mexico. We'll begin by talking to Jean Friedman-Rudovsky, a freelance journalist based in La Paz, Bolivia who reported the stories. And, we hear the first of her five pieces called "Amazon Warriors," about a woman in the Bolivian Amazon basin who fights for justice and equality in one of the most machismo regions in the Western hemisphere. And, on our occassional Food Mondays series, we talk to freelance journalist Sebastian Strangio, who tells us why there’s an increasing number of North Korean-run restaurants in places like Thailand, Russia and Cambodia that extol the virtues of the eccentric, single-party state and its women.