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(AP/Fernando Antonio)
New Minister of Security Pompeyo Bonilla was appointed after Oscar Alvarez resigned, saying he lacked support to fight drugs.

Sep. 14, 2011

Last weekend, Honduras’ powerful security minister and foreign minister resigned, signifying a major shakeup in President Porfirio Lobo’s two-year-old administration. We discuss the ramifications and delve into new Wikileaks revelations about U.S. involvement in Honduras with Dana Frank, professor of history at UC-Santa Cruz and a contributor to The Nation. In the next installment of Ground Shifters: Stories of Women Changing Unseen Worlds, reporter Jean Friedman-Rudovsky visits a singular women’s prison in La Paz, Bolivia. More than just a jail, it’s a miniature city of sorts — with shops, businesses, a school and even a union. Then, on Global Notes, we talk to Brian Keigher from World Music Festival Chicago about this year’s lineup, packing in more than 50 acts in 22 venues around the city.