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(AP/Mohammed Ballas)
This banner in the West Bank reads, "Palestine State 194: Don't let the green branch (of peace) down. I am going to the U.N."

Sep. 23, 2011

Today, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will submit a letter to the U.N. Security Council requesting official recognition of a Palestinian state. We talk to Ilan Peleg, author of Israel’s Palestinians, who thinks the move pushes Israelis and Palestinians further away from the negotiating table and discredits the U.S. as a broker between the two parties. Journalist Adam Horowitz also weighs in on the political maneuverings behind Palestinian aspirations for U.N. recognition. Later, we discuss Global Climate Action Day, which takes place tomorrow. The organization “350” has 2,000 events planned for public squares around the world, with citizens demanding everything from protection of precious water resources to sustainable urban transit to a global climate treaty. We talk to Jason Kowalski, 350’s global policy director, about the campaign. Lastly, film contributor Milos Stehlik talks about his personal encounters with Iranian filmmakers who this week were arrested and detained in Iran.