Community Café: Healing Planet Rock

Friday, February 25, 2011 @ 12:00pm

Event Info


$5 Suggested Donation


Chicago Urban Art Society

600 W. Cermak





Featuring: Baraka Blue, DJ Anas Canon, Yuna, Seasunz + J.Bless and Zzaje
With Live Recycled Art by eL Seed and Savera Iftikhar

IMAN teams up with Ibrahim Abdul-Matin, author of “Green Deen: What Islam Teaches About Protecting the Planet” for a night dedicated to healing the planet through our art and music.

Ibrahim Abdul-Matin
Ibrahim Abdul-Matin is author of the acclaimed book, “Green Deen: What Islam Teaches About Protecting the Planet.” For the past ten years, Ibrahim has been a passionate voice for transforming our pollution-based way of life to one that prioritizes our planet and its people. Ibrahim’s dedication to the environment is rooted in his religion of Islam. Ibrahim is an environmental policy consultant and has worked with a number of organizations committed to environmental health.

Baraka Blue
Deep into hip-hop at an early age, Baraka Blue’s journey through life and music greatly intertwined and balanced each other. His poetry has migrated from the matters of the world to the matters of the heart, resulting in an intensely spiritual vibe. The depth of his voice beautifully compliments the depth of his words, allowing a listener to simply simmer in the transcending music. Click here to see more...

DJ Anas Canon
Anas Canon, a.k.a. DJ Anas Canon, is currently artistic director and executive producer for the independent record label Remarkable Current, which he founded in 2001. His body of work, as well as his knowledge and expertise in sound, production and engineering have taken him around the globe and have been his professional and creative outlet for many years. Currently he focuses his creative energy on fusing several different genres of music in an attempt to bring awareness and diversity back to art. In a 2009 publication out of Georgetown University and the Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre, Canon was named among the “500 Most Influential Muslims Worldwide” in the American Media category. Click here to see more...

In 2008, via Indie-Pop Music, Yuna released her self-titled EP in her home country of Malaysia and instantly began turning heads. The single “Deeper Conversation” became a massive success and went on to win the title of Best English Song at the 2009 AIM Awards, Malaysia’s national music awards. Yuna swept the ceremony, garnering Best Pop Song and Song of the Year for her Malay song, “Dan Severnarya.” Growing up in a Muslim household in Malaysia, Yuna was first inspired by the universal appeal of acts like No Doubt, The Cranberries, and Fiona Apple. At the age of 19, while in law school, she picked up a guitar and began to fervently write. She joined various art groups and recognized her love and natural talents for sketching, photography, web design and graphic design. Today, further attesting to her creative ability, Yuna is part owner of the clothing shop I Am Jet Fuel, a successful couture boutique in Malaysia. Click here to see more...

Seasunz + J.Bless
Brooklyn-based Producer & MC J.Bless and Oakland and California-based front-man MC & singer Seasunz combine production and vocal talents to create a unique brand of jazz, soul and reggae influenced hip-hop in their first collaborative album, ‘Earth Amplified.’ This Green Hip-Hop album features lyrics that touch on many of the environmental and socio-political issues of the day. Click here to see more...

Showcasing a cross section of soul, funk, jazz, hiphop, rock and classical music, this group of young passionate men has consistently proven that music has no limitations. As a group, ZZAJÉ has been together for more than five years and their musical track record in the industry continues to climb new heights. Click here to see more...

eL Seed
eL Seed’s art is a mixture of street art and Arabic Calligraphy. It is the product of a double marginality, that of an oriental art seeking a voice in the occidental world, and that of street art struggling to legitimize its presence on the contemporary art scene. This duality enables the reconciling of two supposedly opposing worlds and two supposedly clashing cultures.

Savera Iftikhar
Savera is someone who tries to see beauty in the everyday. Using her Creator, the greatest artist of all, as inspiration, she closely views every passing subject and image to the most minute detail always left in awe of His neverending combinations of color, composition and concept. She is an aspiring painter/drawer and photographer and hopes that she will be able to capture with justice the unique beauty that The One has spread all over His land. And it is with this in mind, body and heart that she hopes to bring that same connection to all that view her work.