Implementing "GO TO 2040": We Have A Plan. What Do We Need?

Friday, March 25, 2011 @ 7:00am

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$15 for MPC Donors; $30 for non-members


Metropolitan Planning Council Conference Center

140 S. Dearborn, Suite 1400





GO TO 2040 is our seven-county region’s first comprehensive plan since the 1909 Plan of Chicago. The Board of the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP) unanimously adopted the plan in October 2010 after more than three years of research, deliberation, and public input, including participation by tens of thousands of residents from across the region.

The challenge now is implementing the plan--and CMAP can’t do it alone.

“Implementing GO TO 2040: A Plan for Chicagoland’s Future” is a three-part roundtable series exploring how comprehensive metropolitan plans are essential to keeping our communities competitive in an ever-expanding world economy. It is co-sponsored by CMAP and the Metropolitan Planning Council.

At this roundtable, we will: explore local, regional, state, and federal policies that are necessary for implementing the recommendations in the GO TO 2040 plan; learn about California’s groundbreaking legislation (S.B. 375) that is helping to spur more integrated transportation and land use planning; and share the Illinois’ State Linkage Group’s recommendations on how our state government can better support more coordinated investments, thereby reinforcing the goals of GO TO 2040 and the federal Partnership for Sustainable Communities.

MarySue Barrett, president of the Metropolitan Planning Council, will moderate the panel, which includes: James Corless, director of Transportation for America; Jennifer Henry, transportation policy analyst of the Natural Resources Defense Council; and Robin Snyderman, vice president of community development at the Metropolitan Planning Council.

This event is sponsored by BNSF and Wells Fargo.