Water Wise: What We Need to Know About Our Water Resources

Thursday, March 31, 2011 @ 7:00am

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$15 for MPC Donors; $30 for non-members


Metropolitan Planning Council Conference Center

140 S. Dearborn, Suite 1400





We cannot manage what we cannot measure. Aging pipes, inconsistent metering, dwindling research budgets--these are just a few of the factors that affect our ability to measure our water use accurately. This, of course, hinders our ability to manage our water resources sustainably and answer critical management questions. How much water do we actually lose to leaks, and what does that loss cost us? How do we accurately make revenue and cost projections given incomplete data? How much have groundwater tables really decreased? How much longer can those supplies really be expected to last? What are the consequences of not investing in the ability to answer these very questions?

Improved data collection and timely analysis make for smarter decisions. Please join MPC and Openlands for “Water Wise” to examine the benefits from investing in improved water data gathering in Illinois, the ramifications of uncertainty on sustainability, and solutions in data sharing, advanced metering, and infrastructure modernization.

Panelists include: Carey Hidaka, business solutions professional in Advanced Water Management, IBM; Michael Sturtevant, acting deputy commissioner of the City of Chicago Department of Water Management; and Allen Wehrmann, head of center for Groundwater Science, Illinois State Water Survey.

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