Get to know your protester: Ben Painter

May 20, 2012

(WBEZ/Jason Reblando)
WBEZ reporter Niala Boodhoo interviews Ben Painter, a NATO protester from Minneapolis.
(WBEZ/Jason Reblando)
Ben Painter, a NATO protester from Occupy Minneapolis, sits down Saturday and peacefully faced off with a line of Chicago police officers.

The protesters who have descended upon Chicago for the NATO weekend summit display an array of agendas: economic equality, health care equity and peace. But as is often the case at large demonstrations, the protests themselves became news — and not just for TV, web and radio listeners.
On Saturday, WBEZ reporters and producers found demonstraters who said they had an additional issue to push. Late Friday evening, word got out that three protesters (now, possibly five) had been arrested earlier in the week. Many said they saw this as an attempt by police to intimidate them into keeping silent. Minneapolis resident Ben Painter told producer Niala Boodhoo that was he wasn’t afraid.
Discussion with Ben Painter: