Global Activism: Raising awareness through global art and design

April 19, 2012

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(Photo courtesy of Art Works Projects)
'Darfur/Darfur' is just one of many Art Works Project's exhibits addressing humanitarian crises in Africa.
(Tom Wolff)
Art Works Projects' "Horn of Africa" exhibit sheds light on humanitarian crises in the region.
(Christian Holst)
"Blood/Stones" focuses on the exploitation of Burmese workers.
(Photo courtesy of Art Works Projects)
A piece featured in Art Works Projects' "Women Between Peace and War: Afghanistan"

On this week's Global Activism segment, Worldview talks with Leslie Thomas, founding executive and creative director of Art Works Projects. The organization uses design and the arts to raise awareness and educate the public about significant human rights and environmental issues. Her work spans the globe, featuring issues taking place from the Balkans to the Horn of Africa. She updates Worldview on her latest multimedia projects.