Global Notes: The rise of India’s heavy metal scene

April 18, 2012

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(Photo courtesy of Kryptos)
Hailing from Bangalore, India, the heavy-metal band Kryptos has rocked the thrash metal scene since 1998.

When most people think of music in India, a mix of Hindi dance music and Bollywood come to mind. But since the 1980s, another genre has boomed in popularity: heavy metal. What started as an underground phenomenon has risen to the forefront of Indian musical listenership. This week on Global Notes, Jerome and Radio M/Eight Forty-Eight host Tony Sarabia introduce listeners to the world of Indian heavy metal. They begin with the band said to have sparked it all:  Millenium


Track List:

1. Only Be One  by  Millennium

2. Spunk Love Hates Heroes by Them Clones

3. The Ark of Gemini by Kryptos

4. Might Not Be Tomorrow by Hundred Octane

5. Homage to the Seers by Rudra