THIS JUST IN: The X-Men love This American Life, too!

December 16, 2009

xmenFirst Justin Timberlake, now Wolverine and Nightcrawler are going public as listeners of WBEZ's This American Life.‚  Here's the scan to prove it from a sub-story in Nation X #1 called RoadTrip by James Asmus. I'm guessing Nightcrawler was the one who turned the dial to hear the latest from Ira Glass. (Wolverine seems more of a Mastodon fan.) This reminds me of a nightmare I had a couple of months back. I was in the WBEZ City Room and working on story about the X-Men, but Professor X kept wiping my memory with his mutant mind powers. He didn't want me to portray the X-Men negatively. It was -- hands down -- the hardest piece I've ever worked on, all thanks to the professor's pulsing bald head. And that's coming from a reporter who once had to talk about 7 percent property assessment caps in under a minute. UPDATE: Author confirms Nightcrawler turned Wolverine on to This American Life