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Monday, June 29
Mary Beard is a world-renowned classicist who teaches at Cambridge University, the writer of the eclectic blog A Don's Life and most recently the author of Laughter in Ancient Rome: On Joking, Tickling and Cracking Up. She is also a prominent feminist who does not back away from public battles. Paul Kennedy in conversation with the fascinating and funny scholar.
Tuesday, June 30
In the wake of the Idle No More protest movement, John Ralston Saul decided to write a book about Canada's difficult relationship with the First Nations. In it, he argues that they are now poised to reclaim a central place in Canadian affairs. Paul Kennedy explores the thesis with Saul and Hayden King of Ryerson University.


Monday, June 22 
THE BUGLE AND THE PASSING BELL: Part 1 - Canada answers the call
Stories from those who lived to tell them.  This series draws on the testimony of 200 Canadians who fought in WW1, recorded by CBC Radio in 1964. The men's stories are supplemented by letters, war diaries, military reports and poetry. In this episode:  Who were the men who rushed to sign up?  And how did they feel as they left Canada with their guns and horses to fight the army of the German Kaiser?  It was a rough journey to war; filthy troopships and months in rain-soaked tents in England but by January 1915 they were in France in makeshift trenches and taking their first casualties.
Tuesday, June 23 
THE BUGLE AND THE PASSING BELL: Part 2 - Baptism of fire and deadly stealth
In this episode: At Ypres in April 1915 the Canadians faced a terrifying new weapon; deadly chlorine gas.  This was not a war of quick advances and dashing cavalry charges; machine guns and barbed wire slowed everything down and combat became a deadly cat and mouse game fought in a maze of trenches.
Wednesday, June 24 
THE BUGLE AND THE PASSING BELL: Part 3 - Siege warfare and Newfoundland's day of the dead
In this episode: July 1st is a day of celebration in Canada but in Newfoundland it's a day to remember the dead of Beaumont Hamel, where on July 1st 1916, a Newfoundland regiment was virtually wiped out on the first day of the most destructive battle of the war.  When it was all over neither side had made significant gains.
Thursday, June 25
THE BUGLE AND THE PASSING BELL: Part 4 - The war in the air & Vimy Ridge and Passchendaele
In this episode: Canada's early aviators fought and died in their flimsy unreliable planes; the average combat life of a pilot was three weeks.   At Vimy Ridge Canadian losses were enormous, but Vimy was a victory and a high point in Canada's involvement in WW1.  Six months later at Passchendaele morale would be at an all time low.
Friday, June 26
THE BUGLE AND THE PASSING BELL: Part 5 - Pushing on to victory
In the episode: In the spring of 1918 allied troops were told to fight to the last man as the Germans launched a massive offensive.  The attack was repelled and now for the first time in years Canadian soldiers sang as they went up to the front lines.   When the armistice was announced men found it hard to believe and nobody wanted to be last one to die.