Photo: Eating Phoenix's food.

September 23, 2009

So the band Phoenix is here taping for Sound Opinions. Usually, they don't tell me when bands are coming through because Sound Ops is afraid I'll embarrass them with my antics. So when Jason told me the leftover food in the green room was for the band Phoenix, he immediately cringed. So here I am, embarrassing Sound Opinions and eating Phoenix's leftover food. I'm like a rock-star carp. pheonix-1 and don't forget the cookie! pheonix-2 Hilariously, the band's tour manager or publicist came out seconds after this pic was taken. I said "Is this your food?" He said "Yeah, I think it's for the band." I said "Do you mind if I have a bite of this half-eaten cookie?" Silence, except for the sounds of chewing.