Just to be clear: Derrick Rose was nominated 'Sexiest Chicago Athlete,' not 'Sexiest Chicagoan.' So I am still in the running.

October 23, 2009

Derrick Rose was nominated for the 'Sexiest Chicago Athlete' by Victoria Secret. Why they are naming athletes sexy? Not sure, probably for an underwear promotion. derrickrose-final Cheryl Raye Stout was up at the Berto Center yesterday when they nominated Rose and caught up with him to ask about the distinction: rose-sexy-final Just to be clear - Rose was not chosen as 'Sexiest Chicagoan' yesterday. He was nominated for sexiest athlete. So rest assured: you are still in the running for overall sexiest Chicagoan. And I am too. JustinKaufmannYou like what you see, Derrick?