Little Failure: Gary Shteyngart in Conversation with Aleksandar Hemon

Wednesday, January 22, 2014 @ 6:00pm – 7:00pm

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First United Methodist Church at The Chicago Temple

77 West Washington Street





Gary Shteyngart is the unlikely offspring of Anton Chekhov and Judd Apatow. His new memoir, Little Failure, takes us from his Lenin-loving, ratty-fur-overcoat-wearing childhood in Russia to the triumphs and catastrophes of his Queens adolescence. Shteyngart will be joined in conversation by Aleksandar Hemon, another immigrant who found his calling as an American writer.
The Unabridged Bookstore will offer hardcover copies of Little Failure as part of book & ticket packages.
"I fully expected Gary Shteyngart’s memoir of his search for love and sex in a Russian-Jewish-Queens-Oberlin upbringing to be as hilarious and indecorous and exact as it turns out to be; what I wasn't entirely prepared for was for a book so soulful and pained in its recounting of the feints and false starts and, well, little failures of family love. Portnoy meets Chekhov meets Shteyngart! What could be better?"—Adam Gopnik
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