September 18, 2009

Wondering if your kid actually woke up for 1st period geometry today? Now you can get a text message from Chicago Public Schools with the answer to that question -- in English or Espaƒ±ol. text-messaging School officials cut the virtual ribbon yesterday on the Spanish-language version of the Parent Portal, which allows parents to check on their child's grades and attendance. Parents can also get text message or e-mail alerts that notify them if Johnny decides to skip class or is at risk of flunking a course. The way families use technology is changing, and that means schools need to adapt, says CPS head Ron Huberman. Here's what he had to say yesterday: audio CPS says 40,000 parents are already using the system; they're hoping that grows to 100,000 in the coming years. Officials are working on translating the interface to other languages as well. Polish, Chinese, and Arabic are all good bets of what's to come"¦ those are the languages, along with Spanish and English, that report cards are printed in.