A one gang school -- ¬Ěthe new NORMAL?

October 1, 2009

derrionalbert2 At the vigil for slain honor student Derrion Albert on Monday, I talked to Derrick Jones, who had a day off from work and came to pay his respects. Jones graduated from Fenger High (the same school Derrion attended) eight years ago. Back then, everyone knew that the Gangster Disciples were at the school. But when school officials brought kids from the Altgeld Housing development to Fenger, Jones says, that introduced TWO gangs at the school"¦ paul-cut1 Tiffany Reed, who lives near the school, is also upset. She says you have kids going from 130th street (Altgeld) to 111th (Fenger High) and that makes for a dangerous mix of gangs"¦. paul-cut2 But Derrion Albert's cousin, Nicollette Johnson says it's not about gangs. It's about territory: paul-cut3 One community group at the vigil stormed the front door of the school, trying to push past police & school personnel, to join a meeting inside of ministers and local politicians. paul-cut4 A lot of people were dismayed to see all this commotion at what they thought was supposed to be a peaceful vigil to honor the life of Derrion Albert. Here's Michelle Strong: paul-cut5