Chicago’s Y-ME moves forward with Chapter 7

July 16, 2012

Jewell Washington

(flickr, roniweb)
Participants in a Y-ME Race at Your Pace walk in downtown Chicago. The breast cancer nonprofit is filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy this week.

Locally-based national breast cancer organization, Y-ME, is filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy its board of directors confirmed on Monday.

“I think the failure of the organization was decisions made five or six years ago about real estate leases, etc. etc.,...and really poor management,” Margaret Harte said, a longtime volunteer and the founder of the group’s annual Race at Your Pace.

The breast cancer nonprofit shut down last Thursday. Harte said she and other volunteers were given little notice that the group was closing its doors and disconnecting its hotline. She said that’s because Y-ME board members failed to properly manage its real estate leases.

“I am appalled that people can sit on boards and do nothing and then make decisions that totally wipe out, destroy the work of many people,” she said.

“These are very sad times for us all,” said Sharon Green, a board member since 2011 and former executive director from 1983-1997, in an emailed statement. Green also revealed that people can reach out to the Living Beyond Breast Cancer and SHARE hotlines to speak with a breast cancer survivor.

Y-ME was in the hole $1.6 million, according to Charity Navigator, a charity watchdog group.