Chicago City Council approves food truck ordinance

July 25, 2012

Associated Press

(AP Photo/Sitthixay Ditthavong, file)
Amy Le, owner of the Duck N Roll food truck, talks to customers about the ordinance.

The Chicago City Council has overwhelmingly approved an ordinance that allows operators of food trucks to cook onboard.

Under the ordinance, food trucks can't park closer than 200 feet from a restaurant entrance unless they're in designated food-truck parking spots. Food trucks also will be required to have GPS to track their movements.

Chicago is known for high-end restaurants but has lagged behind other cities when it comes to the food truck craze.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the city's aldermen say the ordinance approved Wednesday is a good first step to expand the industry.

The trucks have been able to operate in Chicago, but chefs couldn't cook and prepare food in their vehicles.