Chicago's Finance Committee agrees to lawsuit deal

June 4, 2012

The Associated Press

The city of Chicago is expected to pay almost twice the $6.2 million agreed to in the settlement of a lawsuit filed by about 900 participants in a 2003 anti-war march.

Lawyers' fees totaling nearly $5 million, a result of nine years of litigation since the lawsuit was filed, will be added to the settlement costs. Chicago's Finance Committee on Monday approved the $11 million payout, as well as a $1.14 million settlement of a related lawsuit filed by 16 plaintiffs who didn't join the class-action case.

The legal fees in the class-action suit totaled $4.8 million on a $6.2 million settlement. Officials say the smaller case was settled for $280,000, but legal fees totaled $855,000. The city's legal costs were $3.8 million, making the total price tag $16 million.