Closing for ex-alderman at bribery trial

June 14, 2013

The Associated Press

File: Ex-Chicago alderman Ambrosio Medrano.

The lawyer for a former Chicago alderman tells jurors his client can't be guilty of bribery because he never believed a fictitious public official in an FBI sting was real.

The argument came Friday during closing arguments at Ambrosio Medrano's federal bribery trial in Chicago.

Medrano and two businessmen are accused of paying bribes they were told would be given to a Los Angeles official to secure a business contract.

Defense lawyer John De Leon told jurors intent is key. He added, "If you don't believe a person existed, you can't form the intent to bribe."

De Leon says he dubbed his client "anxious Ambrosio" because he was anxious to a fault to make money. But he insists Medrano thought the deal was legitimate.

Deliberations are expected to begin Monday.