Local talent helped draw major studio productions to Chicago

July 30, 2013

By Lee Jian Chung

(Flickr / FaceMePLS)
A film crew sits on a curb in Chicago. A record number of television shows are filming in Chicago this year, partly because of the access to local talent from multiple disciplines.

Talent from local theaters and film schools helped draw the record number of major studio productions currently being filmed in Chicago.

Current film and television productions are expected to top last year’s 2,200 jobs.

Rich Moskal is the director of the Chicago Film Office.

“Episodic television needs to draw from local resources even more so than features based on oftentimes what are budget limitations,” Moskal said. “So their interest in hiring local crew people, department heads, technicians as well as actors is particularly high.”

The local film and television industry made $184 million dollars in revenue last year.

Moskal says the films ‘Jupiter Ascending’ and ‘Transformers 4’ combined are expected to make more than 51 million dollars. 

Lee Jian Chung is a WBEZ arts and culture intern. Follow him @jclee89.