Manufacturer of Oscar awards to lay off 95 employees

R.S. Owens says it will continue manufacturing statues at Chicago location

December 5, 2012

Cassidy Herrington


The Chicago-based company that manufactures Oscar statuettes is laying off nearly one hundred of its employees, according to a report by the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity.

The report said R. S. Owens notified 95 workers last month that they cannot return to work on Dec. 17.

The pink slips arrived just a few days after the company announced it would be purchased by St. Regis Crystal, an awards manufacturing company in Indianapolis.

The DCEO report does not detail the reasons behind the layoffs but said they are permanent.

R.S. Owens declined interview requests. A press announcement from the St. Regis acquisition in November said R.S. Owens will continue to manufacture the famed gold-plated statues from its current location in Chicago.

Owens has also produced awards for the Emmys, American Idol and MTV Video Music Awards.