Chicago principals say they operate under 'gag order'

CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett: 'If there's a perception that there's a culture of retribution, it's not anything that I accept, nor anything that I want to message.'

May 13, 2014

(WBEZ/Linda Lutton)
Principal Troy LaRaviere was one of only a few principals to speak against budget cuts announced last July. LaRaviere says under Mayor Rahm Emanuel's hand-picked schools administration, principals have been told they must voice support for policies such as the longer school day.

Chicago is pushing major changes to its schools—re-staffings, reorganized budgets, new charters. Through it all, Chicagoans have rarely heard from the people running the schools—the principals. Recently, some principals have broken what many say is a code of silence imposed by Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s image-conscious schools administration. WBEZ’s Linda Lutton reports.