Immigrant, labor, Occupy groups join for May Day protests

May 1, 2012

Associated Press

Activists say a May Day rally in Chicago includes the Occupy movement along with it usual focus on immigrant rights.

Organizer Orlando Sepulveda says the anti-Wall Street groups' presence enriches the march. They plan to gather in a park around noon and then march downtown.

Sepulveda has marched in Chicago every year since 2006. That's when more than 1 million people nationwide protested federal legislation that would have made being an illegal immigrant a felony. Nearly half a million people marched in Chicago.

Since then, the numbers have greatly dwindled and advocates haven't united behind a single cause.

Some activists have focused on voter registration and politics, while others have focused on workers' rights.

A few thousand marched last year in Chicago and organizers expected the same turnout Tuesday.