LGBT members in NW Indiana fight against same-sex marriage amendment proposal

'Don’t let this opportunity for equal rights be the wrong decision.'

February 11, 2014

WBEZ/Michael Puente
Julie Gorski-Vicari (left) and her fiance Tracy Linnane, both of Hobart, Indiana, stand with Kelly Dooley, of Crown Point, Indiana, at WBEZ’s Northwest Indiana Bureau. The three hope Indiana lawmakers will vote down an attempt to enshrine a ban on same-sex marriage in the state constitution.

Indiana is a step closer to cementing the state’s ban on same-sex marriage for possibly years to come. The state already outlaws same-sex marriage.

On Monday a senate committee passed a measure that would enshrine the ban in the state’s constitution. Pushed by Governor Mike Pence, it goes before the full Senate later this week.

But not everyone supports the constitutional ban, known as House Joint Resolution 3. The Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce says it could hurt in attracting top talent to the state.

And some members of the LGBT community wonder why the Hoosier state is moving in the opposite direction of neighboring Illinois.

They recently sat down for a conversation with WBEZ’s Michael Puente at our bureau in Crown Point, Ind.