New map charts how Chicago's public schools stack up against each other

Graphic is an addition to the traditional report cards Chicago Public Schools parents receive on their kids and schools.

November 13, 2012

(Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

Parents with children in Chicago Public Schools are getting two report cards today—one for their child and one for their school. They’ll see something new on one of them.

CPS officials want parents to know how their child's school stacks up against other schools.

That’s why they’re adding a map to the report cards parents throughout the district will receive this year.

“The purpose of the map was to show the parents how the school was performing relative to the schools in the community,” said Ryan Crosby, the district’s manager of school performance.

For years, CPS has labeled schools as level one, two or three based on how well they perform on standardized tests and other measures, like attendance.

The performance levels have also been controversially used to decide which schools the district might decide to close.

But this year CPS CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett says enrollment, not performance, will determine any closings.

School leaders have not said if and how performance might factor in to other kinds of school shake-ups.